Is the world ending soon? Did President Trump do something amazing? Is the world ending because Trump did something amazing? What would possibly be the biggest story that no one in the media is talking about? And when I say no one, I mean none of the major news outlets like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. They may have written a few articles on it, but they’re not giving it wall-to-wall coverage like they do with other things that aren’t as important. Anyway, here it is: Social Security will run out of funding by 2034, and Medicare by 2026, according to the United States Social Security Administration. That’s very soon, and yet, hardly anyone is talking about it. The media will talk about the ongoing supposed Trump and Russia collusion and investigation, they’ll talk about Robert De Niro and how he got a standing ovation for saying “f*ck Trump” at the Tony Awards, they’ll talk about Samantha Bee and how brave she is for bringing the c-word back as a word of empowerment to women, but they refuse to talk about a very serious issue. It really shows where their priorities are.

Let’s talk about the issue at hand. More than 60 million people depend on Social Security and Medicare. According to the United States Census Beauru, the current population of the U.S. is about 328 million. That’s roughly 20% of the population that are on these two programs. That’s the first problem, as I think there should be a grand total of 0 people on these programs. The second problem is the government. It’s beyond me why the government is involved with healthcare and giving money to older people. The way I see it, the more things the government gets involved with, the more it screws those things up. Healthcare and Social Security are just a few of the things the government screws up. Healthcare and Social Security aren’t a right, nor in the Constitution last I checked. Healthcare in the United States would be in a much better state if it was an independent entity and had no involvement with government.

The same goes for Social Security. Why should the government force me to pay for someone’s Social Security and I don’t even know them? Besides, as people get older, they typically get richer. Do you know what that means? It means that the poor, young people are paying money to the richer, older people. Something about that isn’t right. Another thing is that people in my generation and even those who are a little older than I am won’t even get Social Security benefits because its funds will be depleted by the time I’m of the age to receive it. So we’re paying however much money out of our paychecks to make sure rich, old people have money and the way the system is supposed to work is that we’ll also get money when we’re older. But since the government is involved, they messed everything up and we’re just paying without receiving any kinds of benefits. Social Security should be gutted (non-existent) and if people really do care about the elderly, they can directly help them themselves instead of everyone who works being forced to pay into the fund, which, more is being taken from it than is being paid into it. According to the Social Security Administration, in 1940, one worker’s payment into Social Security could pay for about 159 beneficiaries. What’s that number today? In 2013, that number was all the way down to one worker being able to pay for only 3.4 beneficiaries, and that number continues to drop as time passes. That’s astonishing. This again shows that almost everything the government touches, it messes up.

Well, there you have it. The biggest story no one is talking about. And then the mainstream media wonder why so many Americans don’t trust them anymore. It’s exactly because of things like this. They choose to report on stupid things that don’t matter instead of serious issues that are right on top of us.

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