*Disclaimer* This post is very bluntly worded and some might considered extreme by some. But this is written out of fear. Fear for what America could become if we let the other side get into power.

You would think that after almost a month of the Brett Kavanaugh saga, (also known as a circus) we would have found more on him like the Democrats said we would. There was even an FBI investigation like the Democrats had been calling for that turned nothing new up. In fact, the report itself and I quote, “The Supplemental Background Investigation confirms what the Senate Judiciary Committee concluded after its investigation: there is no corroboration of the allegations made by Dr. Ford or Ms. Ramirez.” This thing appears to be wrapping up even though the Democrats are now claiming that the investigation should have been longer, the White House limited the investigation, that sort of nonsense. I mean, who didn’t see this coming? This is how this whole thing has played out:

Democrats: Here’s some unsubstantiated claims with no evidence from 36 years ago!

Republicans: Well how convenient…

D’s: Republicans don’t want Dr. Ford to testify because they’re sexist and don’t care about rape victims!

R’s: That’s not true. Let’s have a hearing as soon as possible!

D’s: Republicans are bullying Dr. Ford into testifying!

R’s: No……

D’s: SEXIST!!!

*Dr. Ford testifies*

D’s: We need an FBI investigation now!

R’s: Kavanaugh has already been investigated 6 times by the FBI.

D’s: You’re just saying that because he’s hiding things! You’re protecting him!

R’s: You do realize that the FBI has less power to investigate than the Senate Judiciary Committee does, right?


R’s: Fine. Have an investigation.

*Investigation finishes up*

D’s: They didn’t investigate long enough! It was less than a week! We all know there’s dirt on Kavanaugh! The White House didn’t let the investigation play out as it should have! Trump rigged it all!

The Democrats change direction more than the wind does in a tornado.

But as it turns out, we actually do know a few new things about Kavanaugh since this thing first started. We know that he drank a lot of alcohol when he was in high school and college, that he has some weird references in his high school yearbook, and that he also threw ice at people when he was drunk. No, I’m not kidding. There are just certain things you can’t make up. Which obviously all of this means he’s a serial gang rapist according to the left.

So since nothing has really changed, let’s get a little deeper into this whole thing. I have been very reluctant to say this through this whole charade, but I now know that I can say it with confidence: this upcoming election and the elections to follow are a battle of good versus evil. You might disagree and think I’m overexaggerating, but hear me out. I’m just getting started. The Democrats have shown their true colors with the absolutely brutal, horrid, and gross slander of Brett Kavanaugh over the past three weeks.

I am appalled. I am livid. I am outraged at the lengths to which the Democrats and the left have gone these past three weeks. They have taken one of the most decent, honest, and upright men in American law and politics and labeled him as a serial rapist based on no evidence. And when I say no evidence, I mean absolutely zero. If you disagree and think there is evidence, I would encourage to get in touch me and let me know what evidence there is because I haven’t seen it. Leftists have sent death threats to Kavanaugh and his beautiful family and yet his daughter still suggested that during their nightly prayers they should pray for Dr. Ford. This man has raised his children well. How can you look at Kavanaugh’s life and say he’s a rapist? It’s my understanding that if you rape girls in high school and college, you’re probably not going to stop. Rape isn’t something that you just stop doing because you feel bad about it.

Brett Kavanaugh is 100% innocent yet when he testified before the judiciary committee and raised his voice and got emotional as he rightly should have, he was slammed by the media and Democrats and said to be guilty based on his emotions. The New Yorker accused Kavanaugh of “weaponizing crying, like a little boy would when he’s in trouble.” And then we’re supposed that the media aren’t biased? That was him being nice. He was holding back. He should have ripped much deeper into you evil, filthy people but he didn’t because again, he’s a decent man. If someone ever falsely accuses me of rape, you better believe I’ll be much more alive than what Brett Kavanaugh was. But here’s the logic of the Democrats. If Brett Kavanaugh cries, it means he’s guilty of raping girls in high school in college. If he doesn’t show any emotion, that also means he’s guilty of raping girls in high school and college. There’s simply no winning with these filthy liars.

Let’s be clear. The only reason that there is so much outrage over Brett Kavanaugh and the only reason Democrats are fighting this so much is that they’re terrified they will going to lose the crown jewel, the most prized possession of their platform: abortion. The lengths they have gone to so that they can keep killing babies is sickening. That’s really what all of this is about. The Democrats want nothing more than to delay this confirmation process past the midterms in hopes that they will win back the Senate and hold this Supreme Court seat open until they win the presidency, which they hope will be in 2020 so they can nominate their own Supreme Court justice to keep their abortions safe. What a sick game this all is.

These people are the most sick, degenerate, twisted, corrupt, malicious, repulsive, maleficent, wicked people I have ever seen in my life. They are making it so that good, decent people are afraid to come forward in public life for fear they’ll be ripped apart like Kavanaugh has been. This is an international disgrace and these people must be taken out of power.

But that’s not the end of it. They then claim that all of this is justified because of what Republicans did to Merrick Garland, Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court back in 2016. Do you want to know what Republicans in the Senate did to Merrick Garland that was so terrible? Here it is. They opposed having a hearing for him and didn’t have a vote on him. That’s it. Republicans had a majority in the Senate so they could do that. They didn’t slander him or spread vicious lies about him, they simply just didn’t vote for him. And we’re supposed to believe that slandering Brett Kavanaugh is equal to not having a vote for Merrick Garland? What a twisted view of reality.

So I ask the question: whose side are you on? Are you on the side of slanderers who will go to legitimately any length to get power? Are you on the side that promotes chaos and violence against those they disagree with? Are you on the side of those who weaponize a movement that was meant to give women more confidence in coming out about real sexual assault and rape cases?

We cannot, under any circumstances, let these people into power. God knows what they’ll do if they get it. We have to make sure that they get as far away from it as possible. It is our duty as American citizens to uphold the values and principles that our great country was founded on. The Democrats want to destroy all of that. If they really want to destroy this country, they’ll have to take it from the clinging fingers of my dead body along with I’m sure the bodies of many other Americans who won’t let this country go down in flames to the evil people! I love this country too much to just hand it over without a fight. At first, I was having doubts about ever running for office someday for fear that allegations of misconduct could come up out of nowhere to keep me from holding a position. But after seeing how this has unfolded, it has motivated me even more to run for, and hold public office. A fight must be put up against these people. I will willingly take every sling and arrow that will be thrown at me for the sake of my country. In the words of Patrick Henry in 1775, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

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