I mentioned in my last post that the entire reason there is such an outrage over Brett Kavanaugh is that everyone who is pro-choice is now in fear that Roe v. Wade will be overturned because the Supreme Court will now have a 5-4 conservative-leaning majority. But Kavanaugh hasn’t given a specific answer as to how he would vote if the Court is given the opportunity to overturn the case, as he has given very broad and vague answers whenever asked about the issue.

Nonetheless, the left has continued to lose their minds. Particularly on the day that Brett Kavanaugh was officially being sworn in as a Supreme Court justice. Countless people gathered in Washington, D.C. to protest Brett Kavanaugh. Take a look at this video.

This reminds me of something from Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies where zombies are trying to break through windows and doors to get to you. I think it’s a fair comparison. I actually had to go out and buy myself an umbrella, some rain boots, and a rain jacket with all the liberal tears that have been pouring down on the country. But none of this would have been this bad if the Democrats didn’t try to block Kavanaugh’s nomination. Seriously, if the Democrats didn’t wave their magic wand of sexual assault allegations at the last minute like they’ve done with so many Republican candidates, if they would have just gone along with it knowing they don’t have the votes to block his nomination people wouldn’t have been as angry with Kavanaugh’s confirmation. They could have just let things play out and voted against him when the time came without all the dirty hit jobs. Sure, I’m there still would have been angry people and some protesters but it wouldn’t have been to the extent that it was over last weekend.

The Democrats pulled out some of the dirtiest political tricks and hit jobs in American history in hopes of stopping Kavanaugh from being confirmed by the Senate but in the end, they just ended up shooting themselves in the foot in two ways. For one, Kavanaugh ended up getting confirmed by a vote of 50-48 anyway so they made themselves look really stupid in that sense. Secondly, the poll numbers for the Democrats are dropping faster than the hopes and dreams of Hillary Clinton supporters on election day.

According to a poll from Real Clear Politics, the generic congressional ballot has been getting tighter and tighter over the past month. On September 4, the ballot was D + 9. On October 8, it was at D + 6.6 which is almost a full point down since September 29. The shenanigans pulled off by the Democrats during the Kavanaugh hearings are coming back to bite them. Before the whole confirmation process started, I was feeling very sure that the Democrats were going to for sure take back the House with the Senate being less likely but still possible. But after seeing the grandstanding, the dishonesty, and the slander the Democrats, I feel that Republicans have a much better shot to retain the House and the Senate. Election Day is up and coming is less than a month and we’ll know for sure how everything will turn out soon enough.

I continue to stand by what I said in my last post that I believe this election and the elections to follow to be a battle of good versus evil. That might be extreme for some but extreme circumstances sometimes call for extreme measures. Republicans and conservatives have been united in standing with Kavanaugh and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time; a month before the elections. So really, we have something to thanks the Democratic senators for. We must now rally together and meet the radicalness of Democrats with our own radicalness. Not radicalness as in being violent, yelling at people who disagree with us, destroying things and rioting, but being radical in the sense of standing with each other and not letting the other side walk over us and break us. We must stand up to evil if we truly do care about keeping our rights and freedoms because the left wants nothing more to destroy it all and rebuild America into their own socialist, communist regime.

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