Regardless of what side of the political or social aisle you fall on, I would encourage you to hear me out and read this whole post before you jump to conclusions and label me as a sexist. You might think I’m completely against women just from reading the title but again, that’s completely false and I would ask you to have an open mind to the points I’ll be making.

I will start with a disclaimer. By saying that there are problems with feminism and the #MeToo movement today, I’m not saying these things weren’t good and necessary when they first started. I believe that both of these things were necessary and right to begin with but somewhere along the line, they turned into things that have either been delegitimized, or are no longer of any use.

First and second wave feminism are some of the greatest movements in American history as they paved the way for women to leave the home and instead of doing the typical jobs of cooking cleaning, and taking care of the house and kids, they could now venture out to get jobs and start careers and be just as successful as men.

The #MeToo movement is another very important movement as it gave women more of a voice to speak out when they were sexually assaulted. It gave them more confidence to make themselves heard and take a stand against sexual assault.

But the radical left eventually got ahold of both of these great movements, just like they do with a lot of things, and have turned them into things that are now hurting our society and culture instead of helping them. Feminism has turned into hating men just for being men and complaining about the non-existent patriarchy. You might disagree with me when I say there’s no patriarchy but it’s true. In what ways are women oppressed? What rights do men have that women don’t have? I can actually tell you a right that women have that men don’t. What might that be? Women have the Constitutional right to murder their babies in the womb. Men can’t go out and murder innocent children. Women have just as many rights and opportunities as men in today’s culture. You might also bring up the non-existent “wage gap,” how women are allegedly getting paid $0.77 for every $1 that men make for the same work. That’s a post for another time, but there are multiple studies disproving this idea.

The left has also taken the #MeToo movement and used it as a club to beat men whom they don’t like over the head with and to destroy their lives based on made up sexual assault stories. Again, there are multiple stories of this with the latest instance being with now Justice Brett Kavanaugh. You can read my post on that issue here. Now, when I say that the left has also taken hold of this movement and ruined it I am in no way discrediting women who are actually raped and sexually assaulted. I know that there are countless real stories of sexual assault and I truly do have sympathy for those victims. But it’s very gross and vile that the radical left has taken some legitimate and good and now they use it at their own disposal as they please. Even if false cases don’t happen as often as real cases. It doesn’t take very many bad occurrences to ruin a whole idea.

I might just be oblivious and out of touch with reality, but why does feminism exist anymore? I’m being serious. Absolutely, first and second wave feminism were necessary but why did third and fourth wave feminism happen? By then, women were already equals with men. Again, there isn’t a single right men have that women don’t have.

There’s an article in The New York Times by Alexis Grenell that is truly fascinating. She says that the women who support Brett Kavanaugh despite the allegations against him have “slit their wrists, letting their stories of sexual trauma run like rivers of blood through the Capitol.” She also describes these women as “gender traitors” and supporters of the patriarchy. She mainly blames white women for these things.

That’s some really astonishing stuff. This is another major problem with feminism. It has gone from helping women be independent to now disowning women who don’t accept the mainstream beliefs of the radical feminists. It’s a complete 180 turn from what it started as. Why can’t everyone just think for themselves and not be forced by one side or the other to adhere to certain beliefs just because of their sex, race, sexual orientation, and other identities?

This is why I hate identity politics and intersectionality. Intersectionality, in essence, is the idea that the more victim status you can claim, the more sympathy you can get and the more your opinion matters. At the top of this pole, there’s the person that everyone on the left likes to hate: the straight, white, male. What happens next is that everyone else who is a minority is apparently oppressed by men and the more minority status’ you claim, the more oppressed you are by the straight, white, men. So if you’re a gay, black, transgender women, you really have yourself set. There’s an excellent video by Prager U explaining this further.

Intersectionality is a part of identity politics, which is the idea that because you belong to a certain group, you must have the same political views as the mainstream in that group and if you don’t, you’re not “really” part of that group. This is exactly what has happened with Kanye West since he has come out in support of President Trump and advocated for each person thinking for themselves and breaking out of the box of their group.

After Kanye visited the White House last week to discuss issues with President Trump, the media went full crazy over it. And when I say full crazy, I mean this is unlike anything I have ever seen before. There was a panel on CNN (imagine that) where the panelists said some of the grossest things I have ever heard. One contributor said, “Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read.” And also, “He’s an attention whore, like the president. He’s all of a sudden now the model spokesperson. He’s the token Negro of the Trump administration.”

Take a step back for a second. Imagine that we’re back in the Obama administration and Kanye West is a supporter of Obama. Imagine that a panel of Fox News said the exact same things about Kanye that folks on the CNN panel just said. Those reporters would be ripped to shreds and their careers would be over, and rightly so.

But instead, what happened on the CNN panel is everyone laughed at what the other contributors said, agreed with them, and everyone went on with their lives and no one on the left batted an eye because remember, it’s okay to be racist and nasty if you’re on the left. While there’s no such thing as “male privilege,” there certainly is such a thing as “liberal privilege.” All this goes to say that in the end, everyone should think for themselves regardless of their sex, skin color, etc.

If we truly want to bring unity back to America, we must stop with the hatred of those we disagree with. But this is exactly what modern-day feminism has turned into and they’ve taken the #MeToo movement right along with it. I don’t see a reason for feminism to exist anymore. I have stated my reasons and I stand by them. If you have disagreements with me, I would encourage to get in touch me and we can discuss things further. As for the #MeToo movement, I still think that it is necessary for our society but the left needs to stop using it as a tool against men they don’t like.

4 thoughts on “The Problem with Feminism and the #MeToo Movement

  1. That’s not what intersectionality or identity politics mean.

    If you’re that certain that Ford made up her allegations, I have serious doubts that you care about victims of sexual assault.

    A lot of the things you bring up were actually first mentioned within first and second wave feminism, especially the second wave. I’m not going to spend much time on this reply so not going over legal rights, but I will say there is more to it than that or just rights within the public sphere and it has always been that way.

    If you’re going to claim feminism is no longer necessary, I would strongly advise learning more about it.


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I’m not looking to get into a big debate with you but I do want to respond to your comment.

      As for identity politics and intersectionality, that’s exactly how it works. Many other popular news personalities have described it this way. I probably just said it a little more bluntly than them just because that’s who I am.

      For Ford, I don’t believe her because when she decided to come out with her allegations nearly 40 years after the fact, she couldn’t remember anything about her experience and everyone else she named as a witness denied anything ever happened. I’m not of the mindset to “believe all women” because some women are crazy. Notice I said “some,” not all or most. I do think Ford was sexually assaulted in the last but it wasn’t by Brett Kavanaugh.

      Again, name me one right today, right now, that men have that women don’t also have.

      Thank you for your respectful comment! It is very much appreciated.


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