Ever since Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump in 2016, we have been hearing from the Democrats of multiple things in our government system that “must be changed” in order to save our country. You’ll notice a trend as I describe these things to you that they only want to get rid of things because they keep losing power.

We’ll begin with the electoral college. This one happened immediately after Trump won the 2016 presidential election. Democrats claimed that his election was illegitimate because the majority of the country didn’t vote for him. Which, it’s true that Trump lost the popular vote by about 3 million but that’s exactly why we have the electoral college and a Constitutional Republic instead of a Democracy government form. A Constitutional Republic is meant to protect the minority from the majority in case of bad candidates and laws that can hurt a lot of people just because they’re not in the majority. It gives the minority a voice and doesn’t give the majority all the power. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Hillary Clinton is by far the worst political candidate in American history. The only reason she was able to get into politics in the first place is because she was a former First Lady. When she decided to run for president in 2008, she lost to a nobody senator who had only been in office for two years at the time. You may have heard of him, his name is Barack Obama. After losing to Obama in ’08, she went on to be the Secretary of State where she did multiple illegal things such as using a private email server for government work and then lying about it. There’s also the Benghazi incident which she is responsible for, and many other terrible things. But she decided to run for President again in 2016 and nearly lost her primary to a crazy socialist guy named Bernie Sanders. She actually should have lost to him but she stole the nomination, which should shock no one. For her biggest loss of all, of course, she went on to lose to Donald Trump in the general election. Trump won 304 electoral votes, with Clinton winning 227. As Ben Shapiro perfectly said, if you were to go to a lab and create a bad candidate, it would look a lot like Hillary Clinton.

But this didn’t matter to the leftists. No one was talking about abolishing the electoral college until the Democrats didn’t get their way. That’s just how they play their games.

The next thing that the left wants to get rid of is the Senate. This came after Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by a Republican majority Senate to the Supreme Court. Many angry leftists took to Twitter to show their lack of understanding of American government.

Man, wouldn’t it be really nice if we had another house of Congress that was based on population? Oh, wait…..

The founding fathers were geniuses in creating two houses of Congress that work together to pass laws. One is based on population, the House of Representatives, and the other is the Senate, which is based on equal representation. But now we apparently have to get rid of the Senate even though this is literally how our government has worked for, let me see, *checks notes* FOREVER.

Also due to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, we also have to get rid of the Supreme Court. There’s an article on Vox about wanting to abolish the Supreme Court because it “is now a blunt political weapon.” The author also acknowledges what Alexander Hamilton wrote when arguing for the ratification of the Constitution which is that the judiciary “will always be the least dangerous branch to the political rights of the Constitution.” He’s exactly right about both of these things but he’s dead wrong about abolishing the Supreme Court. Here’s why.

The part about the Supreme Court being the least dangerous branch of government is true because it was never supposed to be used to club political opponents by stacking the Court with justices that lean the same way you do and then use that to pass laws to further your political agenda. That was never supposed to happen and this is where my next point comes in.

The Court being a “blunt political weapon” started with the Democrats, not the Republicans. The best example of this is in 1973 when Roe v. Wade was passed. I’m sure most all of you know what this is because it is by far, without a doubt, the worst decided Supreme Court case in the history of our country. There is no way anyone should have a Constitutional right to murder their baby while in the womb. What was going on in the minds of the justices when they decided this case is beyond me. But since then, the left has continued to use the court in this way and now that Republicans are back in power, they’re trying to restore things to the way they should be and now people want to abolish the Court just because they’re upset that things aren’t going their way.

The Supreme Court was never supposed to be this important or get this much attention. In the words of Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation speech, “The Supreme Court is an institution of law. It is not a partisan or political institution.”

I have an idea. How about instead of wanting to dismantle something every time we don’t get what we want out of it, we take a step back and stop making ourselves look silly by our lack of knowledge of basic American government. The founding fathers created the system of government we have for a reason, and we should keep it that way.

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