As another election season comes to an end, one thing we can all be thankful for and agree on regardless of which party we affiliate with is that we don’t have to see any more political ads…at least for the next year and a half or so. It’s going to be nice to finally be able to watch a video on YouTube without having to watch an ad before every single video. Now that things have settled down a bit, hopefully, we can all come together without biting each other’s heads off like these two friends:
Trump Beto
To be honest with you, I think the best thing that could have happened during this election cycle, happened. Sure, it would have been nice for Republicans to keep the House as well as the Senate but let’s be real, they weren’t getting a whole lot done even though they had control of the presidency and both legislative houses for two years. But now that Democrats have control of the House, we can just blame all the ineffectiveness on them (note the sarcasm).

Here’s the real reason this is a dream scenario. People on the left along with the help of the media were hyping up that there was going to be this massive “blue wave” come Election Day and Democrats were going to take back all the power and sweep America off its feet. If you watched any news at all, there’s no doubt you saw this from the media. However, in response to this, others on the right were saying that there was going to be a “red wave” and Republicans would increase their leads in the House and Senate even more than what they already have.

I was one of the more realistic conservatives and figured that Republicans would probably keep their lead in the Senate and possibly even pick up a few seats, which they did. I knew the most likely outcome for the House would be the Democrats would take over but I was still optimistic that Republicans would be able to keep it. Whatever happened, though, I knew that it was going to be close and there would be no “wave” of any kind, which is also exactly what happened.

These next two years will be the real test of President Trump, Republicans, and Democrats alike. This will be a test to really see if they can come together and get legislation regarding infrastructure and immigration passed, which is what they hope to do. Do the Democrats really want to work with Trump and the Republicans and vice versa? Only time will tell.

That’s the best part of it, though. One single party didn’t get all the power and so all of their supporters didn’t go crazy mocking the other side for losing because technically, we all lost and won at the same time. I think the division of the House and Senate is more healthy for the country than some people on both sides will admit but it’s the truth. Sure, we all want our party to have all the power but we’ve seen what can happen with that these past two years.

House Democrats have already said that once the new congressional term starts, they will be pursuing investigations into President Trump. There have also been other Representative such as (Mad Max) Maxine Waters who are desperate do impeach Trump and now that they have control of the House, we’re going to find out if they really do want to pursue impeachment.

As much as I know they all want to, I’m sure they’re smart enough to back off at least the impeachment part of it because if they try and fail, it will only make Republicans more angry and Trump will no doubt win his re-election in 2020. Again, time will tell and we’ll have to see what happens with that.

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