For those of you who know me personally or have figured out where I stand on issues just from reading this blog, the title of this post probably shocked you. Ever since President Trump won the Republican nomination back in 2016, I have been an avid supporter of him. There have been some major highs and lows in his presidency, no doubt. There has been tremendous economic growth, foreign policy wins, great judge appointments, some twitter battles, some of which are good, some of which are bad, and much more. All of those are great things but let’s be clear, some of Trump’s biggest and most hyped up campaign promises have not come to fruition.

One of this is completely repealing and replacing Obamacare, which has not been done yet. Probably the biggest promise is the one to put a border wall on our southern border and make Mexico pay for it. Now, I knew from the very start that there’s no way Mexico is going to pay for the wall. There just isn’t. So that part we already knew. But the fact that in almost two years of his presidency and it still hasn’t really been started, is kind of a letdown. No doubt, Trump has been tough on the border and immigration which has all been good but that doesn’t get around the fact that there’s still no wall. One more thing that has been a failure is that Planned Parenthood has still not been defunded. Republicans have been running on this for years and it still hasn’t happened. Trump and Republicans collectively have had the opportunity to do all of these things, controlling the House, the Senate, and the presidency for nearly two years and yet none of it has been accomplished. I was hoping that at least they could defund Planned Parenthood but I suppose that Republicans would rather just use that promise for campaigning purposes to keep winning elections than to actually do it. They not only didn’t defund Planned Parenthood, they actively funded it in budgets they passed and signed.

It’s exactly because of reasons like this I don’t like associating with the Republican Party. I’ll vote for them, but that’s about it because the alternative is roughly 1,000 times worse and I don’t feel like wasting my vote voting for Libertarian candidates (yes, I believe voting for Libertarians is a waste of a vote). I don’t choose a political party and then just adhere to every single belief the mainstream has. Instead, I form my beliefs individually and then figure out where I stand from there. In some areas, I’m strongly Libertarian in that I think same-sex marriage should be legal across the country because it’s not the government’s business who marries who. In other areas, like abortion, I’m strongly pro-life like the Republican Party. Some might even consider me Democratic in other areas like in social services; I’m all for helping those in need but not every single person. There should be a very strict line on who the government should and shouldn’t help because we currently spend way too much money on social services.

All this goes to say that I think it will only get harder for Trump and the Republicans since they lost so many seats in the House even though they gained in the Senate. The Democrats have made it very clear that they have no interest in funding Trump’s border wall so I think Republicans really missed the opportunity and shot themselves in the foot (once again) to get things done. What will make things even harder will be the constant investigations into the president that I’m sure will last at least until 2020 and if he gets re-elected, they’ll continue because let’s be real, the Democrats will never be satisfied even if Trump and his whole family is put in jail, which I highly, highly doubt will happen.


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