Matthew 6:25-34 is personally one of my favorite passages in all the Bible because of the foundational and revolutionary truth Jesus brings to light, which is that righteousness and being reconciled to God is more necessary to life than even what we consider to be the most basic necessities in life: food, water, and clothing.

This is coming out of a section of teaching where Jesus has just finished drawing comparisons of what it looks like to serve God on one hand, and money on the other hand. Of course, he calls us to follow God and “store up treasures in heaven” (Matthew 6:20) and not “store up treasures on earth” (6:19) because, in the end, the former will last forever while the latter will not last.

Having said these things, Jesus moves into this next part of teaching by saying “for this reason” or “therefore,” depending on your translation, “do not be worried about your life” (6:25). Somehow, Jesus’ teaching about choosing between God and wealth (previous section) is connected to us not being worried about our lives (this section). I believe this connection is this: If we seek earthly things (wealth) first, we will be anxious. But if we seek heavenly things (God) first, we will not be anxious. This is because if we seek earthly things first, we will never provide enough for ourselves, we’ll always be wanting more, and all those things will eventually pass away. But if we seek heavenly things first, God will always provide exactly what we need and it will last forever.

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