In this sermon, I cover Philippians 3:12-4:1, a lengthy passage, and draw out 5 key points that relate to being a citizen of Heaven.

  1. First, Paul wants us to see how this citizenship in Heaven impacts the way we think and live (verses 12-14).
  2. Next, we are going to see this citizenship modeled for us by the Apostle Paul himself, as well as other leaders in the church at Philippi (verses 15-17).
  3. Third, is not actually looking at heavenly citizenship, but we see the opposite of it, a non-Heavenly or anti-Heaven citizenship (verses 18-19).
  4. Fourth, we will actually dive into the particulars of what it means to be a citizen of Heaven. In other words, what actually characterizes and awaits such a person (verses 20-21).
  5. Fifth and finally, we will see a final exhortation from Paul to live as a citizen of Heaven (4:1).

The message starts at the 0:26 mark.

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