The past week and a half have been a crazy 24-hour news cycle with continuing updates on the latest breaking news. Last Friday (September 14th), the Democrats pulled a last-ditch dirty attempt to stop Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, from being confirmed by the Senate so that he can finally sit on the Supreme Court. What was the last-ditch dirty attempt? Let’s rewind the clock about two months when Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) received a letter from a woman who asked that she remain anonymous but wanted to make allegations that Brett Kavanaugh had attempted to rape her back when they were in high school when Kavanaugh was 17, and she was 15. This would make these allegations almost 40 years old. I’ll show what the actual allegations are shortly but first, let’s fast forward to the present.

Let’s be clear about this, Dianne Feinstein knew about these allegations for almost two months, yet she didn’t release them until the last possible minute, right before the Senate was about to vote whether or not to confirm Kavanaugh. Their hope is to delay the confirmation for as long as possible in hopes that they’ll win the Senate back during the midterm elections and be able to block whoever Trump nominates. This makes Feinstein and any other Democrats involved evil, sleazy, immoral, garbage scumbags regardless of if the allegations are even true or not. If the allegations are true, it makes them full of garbage for holding onto them for so long and then releasing them at the last possible moment to obstruct the process of confirming. However, if the allegations are false, and it’s sure looking that way, this makes things 100 times worse. It would make releasing the accusations blatant and intentional slander of a man whom everyone who knows him has spoken highly of him and his character. No matter what happens, the involved Democrats are very much in the wrong.

Last Sunday, two days after Feinstein released the allegations, Kavanaugh’s accuser came forward publicly in an article from The Washington Post. Her name is Christine Blasey Ford, and she is a college professor as well as a registered Democrat. To paraphrase (from CNN), here is how Ford describes the alleged incident:

In the early 1980’s, she and Kavanaugh were at a gathering “in a suburban Maryland area home” when Kavanaugh pushed her into a bedroom as she was headed for the upstairs bathroom. He locked the door and played loud music to drown out her yells for help. She also states that a friend, Mark Judge, assisted Kavanaugh in these acts. She says that Kavanaugh then got on top of her and attempted to remove her clothes, also covering her mouth with his hand to keep her quiet. At some point, Judge jumped onto the bed at which point “the pile toppled and the two scrapped with each other” and she was able to get away. She locked herself in a bathroom and later rant out of the house and went home.

According to a USA Today article by Penny Nance, there are some major holes in Ford’s story. “Ford can’t remember the year the incident happened, she can’t remember how she got to the house party, or how she got home. She told no one about it at the time and the issue came to the forefront during a couples therapy session six years ago. Her therapist’s notes never mention Kavanaugh and actually mention four boys involved, although she says there were only two.” On top of these, Ford doesn’t even mention where in Maryland this happened. All we have is “a suburban Maryland area home.”

There have also been no other people who corroborate the story that Kavanaugh ever acted this way. Lastly, a rapist doesn’t just stop raping and let the victim escape. Rapists are evil people and would not stop just because another guy jumped on the bed.

But despite the fact that her story is missing many key details, the Democrats and everyone on the left has jumped on the train that Kavanaugh is a filthy rapist and have since continued to smear and slander him even though that train is looking to go off the tracks. While Kavanaugh almost immediately agreed to testify under oath before the Senate that this incident never happened after the allegations came out, willing to risk potentially perjuring himself and going to prison, Ford has refused to testify until in the middle of this last week when she and her lawyers made certain demands of conditions (see here) which must be met for her to testify. First off, you shouldn’t get to make the conditions under which you testify. If you’re going to make serious allegations, you should absolutely be willing to testify regardless of the circumstances. Secondly, one of her demands that Kavanaugh testifies first, it so outrageous that I can’t put it into words. That’s not how the rule of law works at all. In any court of law, the prosecution always testifies first so that the defense can know what the actual charges on the record are. How can Kavanaugh possibly defend himself if all he’s heard has been what’s been on the news? It’s not hard to guess who looks more innocent here. One person is willing to testify under oath right away and the other is making demands by which they’ll testify. Never in my life have a seen such a blatant disregard for the rule of law than what I have seen with Christine Ford and the Democrats lately.

This is the problem with what the #MeToo movement has become. Due process has gone completely by the wayside to make way for the #MeToo movement. Men are no longer innocent until proven guilty, they are guilty until proven innocent. And even if they are shown to be innocent in a court of law, their lives are completely destroyed, slandered by false accusations, and will never be the same. I believed in the #MeToo movement and thought it was a good thing when it first started. But after seeing what it has done to so many men, I have lost hope in it. Anyone who falsely accuses someone else of rape or sexual assault should be given a little less, if not the same punishment an actual rapist would be given. I’ve said in the past that I think rapists should be either put to death or castrated and I continue to stand by that. However, that’s not the actual law in America and rapists are just put in prison for a certain time depending on the severity of their crime. But if the penalty for a crime would be 30 years in prison, the person lying about the allegations should be given at least 20 years in prison, if not the full 30 years. I’ve heard stories of men who are afraid to date ever again because their last relationship ended with their girlfriend falsely accusing them of sexual assault or after the relationship ended, their ex said they raped them during the relationship.

After seeing the way Kavanaugh has been slandered lately, it’s made me have second thoughts about ever running for office someday. Do I really want to risk my entire life and career being destroyed based on outrageous allegations of something I never did? Is it worth receiving death threats toward myself and my future family? The radical Democrats and their base will stop at nothing to get their way and it’s gross and sickening. I truly hope things change for the better instead of continuing down this path of stupidity.

The last thing I want to bring up is a HuffPo/YouGov survey (see slide 13), in which only 39% of Americans think that if these allegations against Kavanaugh are true, it should disqualify him from sitting on the Supreme Court. To be quite honest, I don’t know where I stand on this. On one hand, if the allegations are true, what he did was a very terrible thing. But on the other hand, attempted rape is not the same thing as actual rape. Sure, it’s still bad but it’s nothing compared to actually raping someone. And should we really destroy the life of someone because he made one bad mistake when he was 17 years old who, since then has had an impeccable reputation that everyone attests to and has done nothing but good? Some conservatives think this should disqualify him from sitting on the Court, others don’t. What do you think?

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