This Thursday, I had the great joy of preaching on my favorite chapter in all the Bible, Romans 8. This has personally been one of the most instrumental passages in shaping my Christian walk, and is something I hold very dear to my heart.

Being limited in my time, I wasn’t even close to covering all I wanted to cover, so I picked out what I think the three high points of Romans 8 are, which are:

  1. A new beginning, meaning that in Christ and by the Holy Spirit, we are given new life and are no longer bound to our sinful flesh (Romans 8:1-4),
  2. Future glory, meaning that if we live a life that is faithful to God’s purpose for us, no matter how hard or easy life is, we will be rewarded accordingly for our faithfulness once we die (Romans 8:18, 28-30) and
  3. The foundation of these being the love of Christ. Without God’s love for us in Christ Jesus, new life and freedom from sin, let alone future glory and blessings would not be possible (Romans 8:32, 5:6-11; see also my sermon on Romans 5:1-11).

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